Our respected customer; As , "MEDKON LINES FEEDER SERVICE” we have established our Feeder Line Management after our market researches in order to provide Container Distribution Service in the Harbours of Marmara Sea and World wide Feeder services accordance with your necessities and the benefits of our country and valuable customers, and, to take our place among the international companies which offer Container Transportation Service to Turkish Seaports.

As it is known, Turkey’s Marmara region has a wide range of import and export potential with international transportation companies. Marmara region has 6 main commercial areas enclosed to Marmara harbours. Most of the major expeditions consider Istanbul with a population of 15,000,000 as the most important harbour; certainly nonetheless other cities like Kocaeli, Bursa, Gemlik, Bandırma, Tekirdağ are also relatively prosperous regions for import and export transportations which have a large industrial area.

Most of these cities have at least one load terminal for maritime transportation. Bursa and Kocaeli have at least 3 container terminals in European standards. Balıkesir, Bandırma and Tekirdağ has 1 container terminals in European standards.

MEDKON LINES FEEDER SERVICE operates in an effort to provide Daily, Weekly and Direct services with multipurpose ships appropriate to transport container which are rented or owned in the mentioned harbours, and furthermore Feeder services in World wide range. We will be in our esteemed customers’ employ with standard and exceptional equipments that are suitable for the attribute of your load at our equipment park. You can access the experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy marketing and sales staff at anytime you would like and take detailed information about our service. We flew a course and took departure in order to provide you services in Marmara harbours and world wide with our target focused on qualified service and customer satisfaction. We apply for your support in this road that we took without compromising our service quality... Sincerely,

Medkon Lines provides liner services, specializing in container and project cargoes… Medkonlines provides you with professional solutions. Our well experienced local agents and agency network, we provide high quality shipping service. Let Medkonlines be your Transport Solution Partner. Our well-kept associations with our carriers allow us to pass on to our clients’ extremely competitive rates and on-time scheduling. We provide long-term partnerships with our customers to delivering a range of services adapted to meet their specific needs…

  • Reliable and fast cargo handling
  • Container Services
  • Specialized transport, dangerous goods and heavy lifts
  • Own representatives in all Mediterranean ports ensure direct, clear communication.
  • Nominated agents at all Turkey, Libya ,Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia & Spain ports
  • Direct calls to Misurata, Al – Khums , Bizerte ,Sfax, Algier, Annaba, Oran, Casablanca ,Castellon and Tarragona.
  • Weekly service to Libya, Algeria, Tunusia,Morocco & Spain


Liner Shipments are carried out by fully containerized vessels between following ports;

  • Mardas Terminal in Ambarli/Istanbul Port – TURKEY
  • TCDD Alsancak Terminal in Izmir Port – TURKEY
  • Rodaport and Borusan Terminals in Gemlik – TURKEY
  • Evyap Terminal in Gebze – TURKEY.
  • Al Khums Container Terminal in Al Khums Port – LIBYA
  • Misurata Container Terminal in Misurata Port – LIBYA
  • Benghazi Container Terminal – LIBYA
  • Sud Antrepo Container Terminal in Algiers Port – Algeria
  • Sfax Container Terminal in Sfax Port – Tunisia
  • Bizerte Container Terminal in Bizerte Port – Tunisia
  • Casablanca Container Terminal in Casablanca Port– Morocco
  • Castellon & Tarragona container Terminals in Spain

Medkon Line Management Shipping and Trade S.A provides port agency services any type of tonnage with its own offices in Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, Alger, Morroco, Spain can offer you assistance through our quality approved sub-agents in all other Turkish ports . In all these ports the group has acted as both a carrier and agent which has enabled a wealth of experince to be built up for the benefit of our clients. In port before the ship’s arrival and after it departs, our agency team will manage all aspects of port agency, delivering a wealth of experience and well developed local relationships. Our representatives can resolve any unexpected issues quickly and efficiently.

We also will present our clients the best transit agency service for the Turkish straits (Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits), Our clients may able to reach to the valuable information like; Weather conditions, ontime passing statistics , VTS guide what time they need from our experienced staff.

Our prime objective is to be the preferred business partner with innovative and effective solutions, and high cost awareness to the benefit of our customers and business partners. Our competent, experienced and reliable teams of agency are ready to serve our clients round the clock with a dedicated focus on customer needs.

Medkonlines Port Services TURKEY

  1. Istanbul Port
  2. Tuzla Port ( Repairs )
  3. Izmit Port
  4. Gemlik Port
  5. Bandirma Port
  6. Izmir Port
  7. Tekirdag Port
  8. Bosporus & Dardanelles Straits
  9. Mersin Port


Medkonlines Port Services LIBYA

  • Benghazi Port
  • Misurata Port
  • Al khums Port
  • Tripoli Port

Medkonlines Port Services TUNISIA

  • Bizerte Port
  • Sfax Port

Medkonlines Port Services ALGERIA

  • Alger Port
  • Annaba Port
  • Oran Port
  • Mostaganem Port
  • Skikda Port
  • Djen Djen Port

Medkonlines Port Services MOROCCO

  • Casablanca Port
  • Tangier Port

Medkonlines Port Services SPAIN

  • Castellon Port
  • Valencia Port
  • Tarragona Port

Our agency services’s activities as follows for all declared ports, Istanbul & Canakkale Straits;

  • Port clearance
  • Customs clearance
  • Customs brokerage
  • Crew change
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Bunker and luboil Supply
  • Spare Parts and Provisions Supply
  • Launch Motor and Towage Services
  • De-slopping/ Waste disposal Repair
  • Cash to Master
  • Provide Lay Up service
  • Provide Survey Service
  • Provide Dry Docks
  • Cargo Documentation
  • Attandence Service
  • Provide Port Information properly
  • Protective Agency
  • Provide Hold Cleaning
  • Provide Emergency Lashing and securing of cargo
  • P&I Advice Delivery Mail / Couriers
  • Provide Underwater inspection at anchorage


Medkonlines established chartering and tramp division the existing liner services by providing tramp sailings and thereby offering seamless service proposition to its clients.

The chartering and tramp division is not only exploring opportunities within the core Mediterranean region but also expanding tramp services in wider geographies.

It provides shipping solutions for a wide range and combination of cargo types including heavy-lift and project shipments.

The team utilizes owned vessels as well as explores options of chartering suitable external tonnage, thereby providing greater level of flexibility that matches customer's unique requirements.