About us

Company was founded in 2009 with the trade name of MEDKON Shipping Industry and Trade Ltd. However, in 2012, Company was reorganized and renamed its trade name as MEDKON Line Management Shipping and Trade S.A. and we decided to use “MEDKON LINES” name as the trademark of our services.

MEDKON LINES operates regular container services between Turkish ports and Mediterranean ports by its experienced management and marketing team with its 6 owned vessels, chartered vessels when necessary and 9500 TEU owned containers.

Beside of regular container service, MEDKON LINES serves its clients at worldwide destinations for their bulk and project cargo shipments. Furthermore, MEDKON LINES also serves its customers with all kind of transport facilities such as Brokering, Chartering, Sale and Purchase and Agency Services at all Turkish ports and straits.

MEDKON LINES is also operating a feeder shipping service between Turkish ports with its own Turkish flag vessels, by serving to the Container Operators’ Mother ships those call only one Turkish Container Terminal as their transshipment hub for their export and import containers. It gives a great advantage to Turkish Traders on reducing their shipping costs.

MEDKON LINES sustainably improves its services and achieves the highest level of the customer satisfaction.